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The many perks of selling on West Tenth

Listing your business on WestTenth is quick, easy, and free. There's no fine print. And there's no catch.

But there are handful of really good reasons to sign up.

No sign-up fee

WestTenth takes a small

percentage when you sell

It's quick & easy

Listing our your  store takes

less thank 5 minutes


1000s of shoppers

And they're all local to you

It's a community

More thank X% of our buyers

are also sellers

Come as you are

No web presence or payment

services? Use ours.

If you ship

Physical goods that ship

can be sold nationally

We can help

The Foundry offers resources

to build a lasting business

Motivated buyers

Our customers are


they buy big and often

“At-home businesses, say hello to
at-home customers.” 

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Be a stay-at-home CEO

The Foundry is business school- for
home based business

Whether your at-home business is booming, or you're

still questioning whether your talent is ready for Main Street, WestTenth can help.


At The Foundry, we've built a community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and classes to help you-no matter what state you're in.

What our sellers are saying

"I'm just blown away constantly at how much I learn and gain from just interacting with people in this community. Thank you for providing the platform and the incredible opportunities".
What a gift

-Britney W.


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