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We started WestTenth-in part-because we realized some of our favorite business operate from kitchen, the bedroom, or the garage. They aren't found on Google, or Yelp, or the white pages.

But they're run by women who are growing a business while growing a family, who value their own time and talent (and believe the world will too), and who enjoy their daily commute- to the end of the hall.

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Part mission.

But the other part?  Well, the other part is about you.  Far too often, and for too many reasons, the workplace doesn't make a place for women. So we made one.

At West Tenth, we're on a mission. To create a new economy. For us. And by our own rules. Where women who want to work for themselves find the faith to bet on themselves. Where passions turn to profits. And where financial well-being is free for the taking.


We're a community  of women hellbent on helping other women



During COVID 2M women displace from the workforce. We're helping them find work that is both meaningful and that generates meaningful income too.


9M women in the U.S. operate businesses from their homes. It's time to shine a light on all that home economic acitvity happening in our own backyards.

80% of consumer spending is controlled by women. Only 12% of all that money goes to female-owned business.

We know how to help female-led startups because we are one


Sara Sparhawk

Lyn Johnson  CEO

Founder Story

Neither Lyn or Sara make a very good lemon souffle. But they're very good at helping other women start businesses.

And after a decade of helping grow some of the world's largest and most successful businesses in tech and finance, they knew they needed to help where the help was most needed - women running small businesses from their homes.

Like you, they've built their business from home-amid the distractions and demands of kids, partners, puppies. And, like you, they really want to do work they love, for people who love what they do.

And so they hope you love WestTenth too.

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